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Business Issues – in these interesting times…

What about Sales Results?
  • Are you fighting to keep existing customers, missing a perceived opportunity, or unable to capitalize on a differentiated solution?
  • Would it make a positive difference if you could get your sales people to listen better and work smarter?
  • Is there something failing that you could fix, if you just had the time to focus on it?
How are you helping your Best Customers?
  • Do you have a process for listening to their concerns, learning from their successes, and focusing your investment in supporting them?
  • Do you provide a forum where they can share "what is working" with each other, and as a result, identify and capitalize on opportunities?
Is your Work Environment as productive as it could be?
  • How would your best performers describe the company culture?
  • Have any of your employees "retired in place" but continue to show up and go through the motions?
Developing and Implementing Strategic Initiatives...
...getting the "Game Plans" understood
and executed by the players on the field

Jay Gentry, President

    Jay Gentry, Founder and President of CCT    
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