Con-Com-T, Inc. Conceptual Communications & Training -- Jay Gentry

Professional Network Overview

As noted earlier, Jay Gentry is personally involved on all projects. When necessary, Jay will assemble a team of professionals to create the specified solution elements. CCT’s network of resources includes a great number of experienced independent consultants, and we enjoy professional alliances with several other consulting organizations through whom proven programs and processes are available.

By employing this "virtual team" strategy we are able to avoid supporting the overhead of employees who are not be fully involved in specific projects, and at the same time, engage just the right amount of just the right professional resource to deliver on engagement objectives.
CCT has recently engaged experienced Professionals in the following disciplines:
  • Writing/Content Development for training, reference, and marketing materials
  • Video/Audio Production for inclusion in training systems
  • Programming of Custom Application for CRM and Accounting programs to be used for management of independently owned stores in a national network
  • Channel Research (interviews) with IT Manufacturer Executive Management for development and validation of business partner annual planning process/system

(Specific resumes provided on creation of engagement team)
Over thirty years of successful experience...
...proven processes and tools to increase individual
and organizational performance
"CCT is perceived as a training entity but Jay brings much more to the party... he sees the whole aspect of your business... you not only get a quality product but a quality relationship as well... He has tremendous resources and his consortium type mentality means you are not paying to have the extra staff... He uses them when needed."

Bruce Reinhart
Former Director of Marketing, Herman Miller
Currently with The HON Company
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