Con-Com-T, Inc. Conceptual Communications & Training -- Jay Gentry
Rather than an overall statement of philosophy, this page includes several "points of view" gained over years of experience. Together, they provide some insight into CCT, the perspective we bring to our engagements and the value we bring to our customers. They are grouped for ease of reference.

Some Basic Precepts

Build from the ground up… using proven concepts, models, skills, and tools
Off-the-shelf training is good. If tailored to your selling situation, it is better. Custom Training, which also incorporates your products, selling tools, and existing processes, is best.

If you have 20 or more people to train, CCT can probably create a custom solution for less than you would spend to send everyone to an off-the-shelf workshop... and you will get a better result.
Build using the right team
The "right team" means the right players… and the right playbook. Rather than use the employees we have on hand… when needed, we assemble a team of independent professionals with the right expertise and capabilities (we can also include your people). Our proven development process ensures results tied to the identified objectives.
It all begins with the objectives... and unfolds from there
The first and often most important step is to clearly define your objectives for the training, event, document, tool, etc. What do you want the attendee to learn, do, stop doing? What is the standard of performance? How will it be measured? What activities will be required or preferred? What behaviors do you expect? Who and how will these be coached? And on and on. If you don’t know exactly where you are trying to go, it is difficult to arrive on time. CCT can help you get it right.
People want to succeed
If you get resistance to attending a training or event... if people don’t want to complete the pre-meeting preparation, participate in the role plays, practice the skills, or apply the processes and tools… it is your fault, not theirs. People embrace the opportunity to improve, if they recognize the importance, understand the process, and believe it will work for them. Developing and communicating the intelligence behind the training or event is our job. If done well, the energy and enthusiasm of the audience follows. And we do it well.
Your investment with CCT should enable you... make decisions, solve problems, address needs,
or capture opportunities
"I participated in a Consultative Partnering program that Jay Gentry developed and facilitated for LP. The process and tools were very logical and easy to implement but what I found most valuable was his use of LP's actual products and sales tools in the program."
Phil Brune
Regional Sales Manager/Channel Manager