Con-Com-T, Inc. Conceptual Communications & Training -- Jay Gentry
"When Jay did our culture assessment we gained a new perspective.
The Vision, Mission, and Values we developed with his guidance allowed us to break through and become the company we
are today."
Brent Redmond
Brent Redmond Transportation

Creating the Desired Work Environment

What is often called the "corporate culture" is a major factor in employee productivity and, therefore, success. Workers need to know what to do and have the capability (tools and skills) to do it... but focus and motivation are vital, and often the difference.

In today’s business environment with dramatic change (mergers/acquisitions/reorganizations) and the accompanying fears, it is critical that the environment is enhancing, not inhibiting, performance.
Culture Assessment and Recommendations
  • People are candid with a skilled outsider... so we get the "tribal knowledge."
  • We use interviews (company/customer/supplier), focus groups, surveys, etc.
The People Side of Mergers and Reorganizations
  • Typically companies do an excellent job of merging the financials, a good job of sorting out the functions… an a dismal job of merging the cultures/people.
  • We can help employees recognize and embrace saluting the right flag.
Development and "Installation" of Culture Elements
  • We can help create the Vision, Mission, Values, and Precepts... that provide the template for setting priorities and driving behaviors.
A resource to develop Strategies, Tactics, and Teams...
...enabling you to Reach Consensus, Communicate Concepts,
Teach Skills, or Inspire Action
At Immersion:
"little sense of culture... we needed somebody to... collect different ideas... what people thought – distill it in some way and come back with a recommended strategy."
At InFocus:
"we asked Jay to come into the company as a third party, look at the way we were interacting with our customers, and help us put some discipline back in the sales process."
Bob O’Malley
Former CEO/Chairman, Immersion
Current President/CEO, InFocus

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