Con-Com-T, Inc. Conceptual Communications & Training -- Jay Gentry
"The thing that I would say about the Idea Exchange... the way the store owners have put it to me is that the Idea Exchange is the very most valuable part of our National Sales Meeting each year. Without Jay as the facilitator, it would be impossible."
Todd Whitworth
President and CEO,
Window World Inc.
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Listen to your Best Customers

Many companies invest in listening to their customers, channel partners, or field teams. Unfortunately, they often fail to get the desired ROI because their planning and execution aren’t worthy of the potential value available from well executed events, such as:
Advisory Councils:
Bring selected customers, channel partners (company or independent), and/or field representatives together to discuss issues and plans.
Idea Exchanges:
Involve larger groups of customers or channel partners to share best practices through presentations, panels, break outs, and other activities.
Strategic Partner Forums:
Target select groups of customers... create a forum for them to learn from one another... and for you to learn from the process.
CCT's proven process and successful experience can help you:
  • Carefully and clearly set the right objectives for the initiative.
  • Discover/validate issues and priorities with the broadest appropriate audience.
  • Prepare participants and presenters – Manage expectations and orchestrate communications/activities.
  • Communicate what was learned, discussed, debated, and decided to all interested or concerned audiences.
A resource to develop Strategies, Tactics, and Teams...
...enabling you to Reach Consensus, Communicate Concepts,
Teach Skills, or Inspire Action
At Immersion:
"little sense of culture... we needed somebody to... collect different ideas... what people thought – distill it in some way and come back with a recommended strategy."
At InFocus:
"we asked Jay to come into the company as a third party, look at the way we were interacting with our customers, and help us put some discipline back in the sales process."
Bob O’Malley
Former CEO/Chairman, Immersion
Current President/CEO, InFocus

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